• GitHub Launches New Podcast to Help Developers with Projects
    [March 22, 2016] GitHub announced a new podcast called the GitHub Community Cast to give developers a chance to learn more about various projects. The first one, for example, features an interview with Andy Miller from CMS the Grav project as well as updates on new GitHub features and events. “At the heart of what makes GitHub great […]
  • Twitter Guides Developers on How to Monetize Mobile Apps
    [February 12, 2016] Last month, Twitter announced the launch of a new “playbook” for app developers. It includes what Twitter describes as a series of how-to guides that walk developers through the process of building an app. A spokesperson for the company tells WebProNews, “We know firsthand that it’s hard to build successful iOS and Android apps. We’ve […]
  • Improved Embedding Tools for Developers from Facebook
    [December 15, 2015] Facebook announced the launch of improved embedding tools for developers including the Embedded Video Player API and oEmbed support. The company first introduced the interactive embedded video player earlier this year. This enables websites to embed Facebook videos, which have rapidly grown in popularity over the past year. The new API helps developers embed videos […]
  • Don’t Let Bad Code Drag Your New Site Down
    [November 16, 2015] Most of the time web designers and developers are focused on the look of a site but less on the coding. However the coding can make or break a site’s performance in the search engines. For the most part, browsers and search engines are very forgiving of poor code, but sometimes what might amount to a small […]
  • Merch By Amazon Is Intended To Help Game Developers Sell T-Shirts
    [October 14, 2015] Amazon announced a new self-service program aimed at game developers to help them sell t-shirts. It’s called Merch by Amazon and encourages developers to “take their fans to the next level.” You design the shirts, and Amazon produces, sells, and ships them. It’s a print-on-demand service so shirts only get made when someone actually wants […]
  • Troubleshooting HTTP/ HTTPS SEO Issues
    [September 11, 2015] Over the last year we have heard a lot more combined usage of the terms HTTPS and SEO. HTTPS is an acronym for Hypertext Transfer Protocol Secure. This is basically HTTP (Hypertext Transfer Protocol) + Secure which notes the usage of SSL or Secure Sockets Layer. This encryption protocol is used to aid in the […]
  • AWS Device Farm Is Getting IOS App Support
    [August 4, 2015] Earlier this month, Amazon Web Services announced the launch of AWS Device Farm, a way to automate and scale app testing on actual mobile devices. It was only announced for Android and the Android-based Fire OS, however.
  • Yelp Gives Developers New API Console
    [July 7, 2015] Yelp announced that it’s giving developers a new API Console enabling them to “explore the detail and depth of responses” returned by its API without having to write any code. It’s also ending v1 of the API.
  • Google Announces Launch Of Identity Platform Suite
    [June 5, 2015] At its annual Google I/O developers conference, Google announced the launch of the Google Identity Platform, a suite of developer tools that enable them to build easier sign-in functionality into their apps so users can more easily engage with them.
  • Google’s Voice Commands Coming To More Android Apps
    [May 5, 2015] Google is giving developers a new way to let Android users interact with their apps with voice commands. The company announced the launch of its first set of partners for custom voice actions, as well as plans to expand it more broadly.
  • Using Chrome as a Mobile Emulator
    [April 7, 2015] Lately, most of the search world’s attention has been on Google’s imminent mobile update. There have been numerous blog posts on what to do and how to make sure your website is mobile-friendly.
  • Are Your HTTPs URLs Being Displayed By Google Search Results?
    [March 13, 2015] Gary Illyes, Webmaster Trends Analyst at Google, announced on Google+ that over 80% of the eligible HTTPS URLs are not being displayed in Google’s search results as HTTPS URLs, instead they are showing up as HTTP URLs simply because of webmaster configuration.
  • Google Provides Documentation On Reconsideration for Webmasters
    [February 6, 2015] It can be very displeasing when a webmaster gets a notification from Google that they have done something against the guidelines and they now have a “manual action” applied to their site, resulting in negative impacts on their ranking and traffic from Google.
  • Mozilla Brings Firefox Developer Edition To Everyone
    [November 11, 2014] Earlier this month, Mozilla teased an upcoming version of Firefox specifically for developers. It’s now released Firefox Developer Edition.
  • Adobe’s New Mobile App Analytics Tool Announced
    [October 20, 2014] Adobe announced a new mobile app analytics offering called Adobe Analytics – Mobile Apps, which is obviously aimed at helping marketers and developers measure the effectiveness of apps, and get a better idea of how people are using them on different devices.
  • Adobe Brings New Mobile App Analytics To Software Offerings
    [October 13, 2014] Adobe announced a new mobile app analytics offering called Adobe Analytics – Mobile Apps, which is obviously aimed at helping marketers and developers measure the effectiveness of apps, and get a better idea of how people are using them on different devices.
  • Google Analytics Adds Additional Functions For Apps
    [September 22, 2014] Google announced that its Audience Demographics and Interests Reporting and Remarketing features are now available for apps in Google Analytics. The Audience Demographics and Interests Reporting feature will enable developers to see how different user segments engage and monetize.
  • Four Years After Its Release, Google’s Web Search API Gets Retired
    [September 5, 2014] Google announced on Friday that the Web Search API is officially retiring. The day has been coming for four years, but it is finally approaching.
  • 21 Things Every Web Developer Should Do
    [August 4, 2014] If only Ferris knew what was ahead. That quote comes from much simpler, and slower times. With the web and all it’s related technologies, we have seen life change faster than ever. If life was fast during Ferris’ day, it’s at lightning speed now!
  • The Future of Apps and Search According To Google
    [July 8, 2014] Google launched app indexing earlier this year after testing it last fall. About a month ago, they expanded it into more languages.
  • Usage Export Feature Coming to Google Compute Engine
    [June 12, 2014] Google has launched a new Compute Engine feature called Compute Engine Usage Export, which lets users export detailed reports about their usage data and get mroe granular insight into their Compute Engine usage at a resource level.
  • Opportunity Gained From Open Data, Use Available Detailed Info
    [May 9, 2014] So, you wanna grab a bite to eat. Chances are good that if you live in or near a cool, hipster filled city that a food truck may be close by. Think opportunity! I recently stumbled onto a cool mobile food truck app for my city (Victoria, BC) and there’s no reason why you can’t […]
  • Matt Cutts Throws Light on How Google Treats 404 and 410 Error Status Codes!
    [April 17, 2014] In the recent Webmaster Help video, Matt Cutts, Google’s Head of Search Spam, explains the difference in how Google treats 404 and 410 error status codes. The question posed was: “Does Google do anything different when encountering a 404 versus a 410?” Matt answered that both 404 and 410 are request errors and imply that […]
  • You Should Still Disavow Links Even If You Haven’t Been Penalized
    [March 17, 2014] Google suggests you go ahead and use its Disavow Links tool if you know of bad links you have out there, even if Google has not penalized you. If you only have a couple, don’t worry about it, but the more you have, the more you’ll want to do it (again, according to Google).
  • Samsung Gear 2 Apps Needed ASAP
    [February 28, 2014] Samsung on Wednesday introduced tools that will allow developers to create apps for the company’s new wearables and flagship Galaxy S5 smartphone.The company, speaking at a developer day at Mobile World Congress, released a software development kit for its Gear 2 smartwatch, which is based on the Tizen operating system, and an SDK for its […]